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Eric Misterovich


Eric counsels and represents businesses from all sectors and creative individuals in all aspects of Internet law and intellectual property issues.

This includes advising clients on trademark and copyright registration and infringement, domain name disputes and sales, the creation and enforcement of MAP agreements, drafting privacy policies including COPPA provisions, software licensing agreements, trade secret protection, and bit torrent defense.

Eric handles Internet law and intellectual property litigation from coast-to-coast, with a specialized focus on domain name disputes, including cybersquatting and domain theft issues.

Eric has a business background and understands that litigation is a means to end, usually centered on helping a business or individual solve a problem to allow them to continue doing what they do best. A deep understanding of the industries at issue, from the distribution of video games to the branding of breweries, Eric enjoys becoming immersed in his clients’ fields.

With an understanding of the relevant backgrounds and business goals, Eric creates litigation strategies to solve problems.

In 2016 and 2020, Eric was selected as one of SuperLawyers “Rising Stars” in intellectual property litigation.

While not working, Eric is an active member of arts community. He is on the Board of Directors of the Krasl Art Center and the New Territory Arts Association located in Southwestern Michigan. He is also a member of the Copyright Society of the USA and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Eric enjoys spending time wife Marian, daughter Eliza, and dog Winnie Cooper, playing with his cameras, and cooking overly ambitious meals.

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