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Our Business Lawyers Will Help You Get Your House in Order

Our business lawyers help companies form, grow, sell, and handle the new problems that come with continued growth.

Whether you are starting up or ready to exit, Revision Legal’s business lawyers have you covered. We have handled everything from business formation and venture capital investment to acquisitions and business sales.

Corporation Formation

Our business lawyers form corporations, LLCs, and other business entities based on a company’s present and future goals. LEARN MORE

Investment & Securities

Our business lawyers help companies take on investment, comply with SEC regulations, and handle investor relations. LEARN MORE


Our business lawyers draft, negotiate, and counsel companies regarding all forms of corporate contracts, from affiliate marketing to vendor agreements. LEARN MORE

Trade Secrets

Our business lawyers help companies understand, protect, and value their confidential business information that gives them an advantage. LEARN MORE

Service Level Agreements

Our business lawyers draft a bundle of agreements to protect IT service providers and other managed services providers. LEARN MORE

Non-Compete Agreements

Our business lawyers protect the investment companies make into their employees by protecting against unfair competition and the theft of competitive data and information. LEARN MORE

Buying & Selling

Our business lawyers help when it’s time to exit, or time invest in the next project. LEARN MORE

Employee Compensation

Our business lawyers help your company take steps to protect and retain valued employees.

Here’s how we have helped businesses like yours:

Case Study:

Phalanx Athletics, an ecommerce company specializing in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu apparel and related accessories, was facing a dead end in its pursuit of multiple trademark registrations and a need to incentivize key employees.

A Successful Conversion

A food producer wanted to take on venture capital investment, but it was a limited liability company and needed to restructure to take on investment. Revision Legal’s business lawyers helped it convert from an LLC to a corporation.

Raising Funds for Growth

An early-stage, high growth technology company found itself needing additional capital to continue its explosive growth. It relied on the business lawyers at Revision Legal to draft the offer documents needed to sell equity to fuel its growth.

Protecting Retail Distributors

A home goods manufacturer needed to keep its brick and mortar retailers on the same even playing field as its online retailers. It turned to Revision Legal’s business lawyers to draft a minimum advertised price policy to require all of its retailers to sell on the same terms.

Incentivizing Key Employees

An online retailer needed to incentivize its key employees to remain with the company during a period of growth. Revision Legal’s business attorneys helped it establish an employee stock option plan to provide those employees with their own skin in the game.

Protecting Against Customer Theft

A company’s customer list is often its most coveted asset, and a retail products company turned to Revision Legal to draft employee agreements that protected against the theft of its trade secrets and customer list.

Global Acquisition & Asset Transfer

A foreign publicly traded company wanted to acquire the distressed assets of a US manufacturing firm. It relied on Revision Legal’s business lawyers to negotiate
the terms of the deal, handle its due diligence, draft the purchase agreement, and aid in the transfer of the assets.

Corporate Law Experience

  • We helped a limited liability company prepare for venture capital investment by converting to a corporation.
  • Our business lawyers helped an early-stage, high growth company sell equity to obtain the capital needed to fuel its continued growth.
  • Our lawyers helped a distributor keep its retailers happy by drafting a minimum advertised price policy.
  • We helped a publicly-traded company acquire a competitor’s physical and intellectual property assets.
  • Our business lawyers helped an early-stage company adopt an employee stock option plan to incentivize key employees to remain with the company.
  • Our lawyers helped a company protect its valuable customer and sales information by adopting a well-drafted non-compete and confidentiality agreement.

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