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Our copyright lawyers can help you with copyright registration, copyright licensing, and copyright infringement.

Our copyright lawyers understand how copyright law works in today’s world.

Our copyright lawyers protect your rights to content, media, code, and other works you created and stop copyright infringement, online or offline.

Copyright Registration

Copyright registration opens the courthouse doors and brings rights holders significant leverage and increased damages. Our copyright registration lawyers help you register your creative works with the United States Copyright Office. LEARN MORE

Online Copyright Infringement

Our copyright lawyers harness the power of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other copyright laws to bring a quick stop to copyright infringement on the internet. Our copyright lawyers can help you develop a successful strategy for combating copyright infringement online. LEARN MORE

Copyright Litigation

When it’s all on the line, our copyright infringement lawyers litigate high value copyright infringement claims in federal courts throughout the country. Our copyright lawyers have extensive copyright litigation experience, including at trial. LEARN MORE

Copyright Licensing

We help musicians, developers, and other creators to effectively profit from the use of their work by others by advising them on copyright licensing. LEARN MORE

Here’s how we have helped businesses like yours:

Case Study:

Revision Legal attorneys worked with and their parent company to draft customized website terms and privacy policy as well as a comprehensive plan to address data privacy.

Ecommerce Developer Not Paid

An ecommerce developer was hired to build a website, sales funnels, and email marketing campaigns to assist a photography business that sold specific filters to make the digital editing process easier. But when that photography business failed to live up to its promises, we were brought in to litigate.

Restoring Privacy Rights

Non-consensual pornography, sometimes referred to as revenge porn, is disgusting. We are contacted on a regular basis to help remove private photos or videos from unauthorized online distribution. Often times the DMCA and copyright law plays a large role in quickly and successfully removing this online content.

Securing Sales Funnels in the Online Fitness Industry

Industry leaders didn’t get there by accident. A leading online fitness and supplements company created a series of online quizzes and tailored videos to sell specific fitness products to a specific niche. And when a competitor practically wholesale copied this content, we sent a cease and desist letter that not only prompted the quick removal of the online content, but also a large monetary offer to avoid litigation.

Comedians Sued for a Joke

Two New York City comedians relied on our copyright litigation team to defend them against one of the largest television station owners in the United States. The station owned filed a spurious copyright infringement lawsuit against them in the Eastern District of New York, seeking to stop them from making a fair use of television station content.

Our copyright litigators not only defended the comedians and negotiated a favorable settlement, but they also made sure to obtain video of the comedians being deposed, which our copyright lawyers correctly intuited would prove to be a comedy goldmine.

Protecting Video Game Developers

Our client was part of a team of video game developers. They built a wildly successful game that gained significant traction on a large streaming platform. But when the team of developers had a major disagreement, the others attempted to prevent our client from being paid. Our copyright lawyers issued a DMCA notice to the streaming platform asserting our client’s rights in the overall work and claiming that the distribution of the work without royalties was copyright infringement. The platform completely disabled the game from distribution, which brought our client substantial leverage. Our copyright lawyers were able to obtain a favorable settlement was in our client’s favor.

Hacker Copies Successful Online Course

When a hacker copies your online educational course, what do you to? Our client contacted our expert copyright lawyers, who filed a federal lawsuit alleging copyright infringement and related claims. By convincing the court that our client had a high likelihood of success on its copyright infringement claim, the court granted a temporary restraining order, shuttering the copyright infringing website during the lawsuit and granting our client an early victory.

Digital Database Under Attack

Our client owns a digital database of information relating to the licensing and royalty rates of intellectual property, such as trademark, copyright, and patent licenses. When a competitor filed a copyright infringement lawsuit, alleging our client copied its database, we defended the suit in federal court. Our copyright infringement lawyers successfully defended the claim after seven years of litigation and prevailed at trial on behalf of our client.

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