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May it Please the Internet: Stolen Digital Assets

Stolen Digital Assets! Opening: general chat about digital assets, how they can move, how they can be stolen, people forgetting bitcoin wallet passwords, etc. This used to be about domain name Revision Legal past experience in litigating stolen domain name issues ACPA/CFAA/UDRP Damages Procedure/Jurisdiction Continuing the NFT train – stolen NFT is the newest rage… READ MORE

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May It Please the Internet: Understanding Asset Purchase Agreements (APA Series Part 1)

In this weeks episode, Eric and John break down the fundamentals of Asset Purchase Agreements (APA). The basics: What is it, who signs it, and what are you selling. What is an APA, how is different than equity Why APA over equity Exceptions Structure/format of an APA/length How to review, where to start? The Parties… READ MORE

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