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grey ghost detroit

Building a Restaurant: Grey Ghost Detroit

In this episode, we interview Dave Vermiglio, co-founder of Grey Ghost, on what it takes to open a new restaurant in Detroit.

hogan sex tapes

Asked and Answered: Sex Tapes, From Andrews to Hogan

In this episode, we discuss recent celebrity sex tapes, including the Erin Andrews and Hulk Hogan sex tapes. Speaker 1: Hello and welcome to Asked and Answered, Revision Legal’s podcast where we talk about today’s topics in internet law and privacy issues and we’re here today to talk about some sex tapes.   Speaker 2: Yeah,… READ MORE

how to start a microbrewery

Asked and Answered: Starting a Microbrewery

In today’s episode of Revision Legal’s Asked and Answered podcast, we interview Tina Schuett, co-owner of Rare Bird Brewpub, to find out what it takes to start a microbrewery. Music: “Drink Beer Til the Day That I Die” by Dazie Mae; “Friday Night” by Cheap. Transcript: John:                        Hello everyone! This is John DiGiacomo and this… READ MORE

removing internet defamation

Removing Defamatory Reviews from Websites like Yelp

Ratings websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor are changing the way people choose where to eat, where to shop, where to travel and where to lodge. According to its website, TripAdvisor alone is home to over 250 million reviews made by people wi…

Making a Murderer

In this episode our Asked and Answered podcast, we discuss the Netflix documentary series “Making a Murder,” its aftermath, and its effect on Internet law. Show notes: Don’t talk to police: The right to be forgotten: Ken Kratz’s law firm’s Yelp reviews: Len Kachinsky’s new job: The Streisand effect: Music: Big Blood – “Endless… READ MORE

us flag trans-pacific partnership

Asked and Answered #7: America. F$%@ Yeah!

In this episode, we celebrate the 4th of July holiday by discussing the US’s new trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Music: The Underscore Orkestra – “Americana Jam” The Willing – “America” Cletus Got Shot – “American Dream” Transcript: Hello everyone. You’re listening to “Asked and Answered,” number 7. I am John Di Giacomo. I’m internet… READ MORE

Asked and Answered #6

In this episode, we provide tips on selecting a business or product name and registering it as a trademark. Download our free e-book! Music: “Dueling Duality” and “Where Do You Belong” by Cullah. Transcript: Eric:                 Hello and welcome to Ask and Answered! Revision Legal’s Podcast that provides legal tips, insight and answers for people and… READ MORE

Asked and Answered #5: Online Privacy and Privacy Policies

In this episode, we discuss online privacy, privacy policies, and we answer the question, “Where is the new Tool album?” Music: Cullah, “Rhythm of the Funk;” Cloudkicker, “Digital Lightning.”   Transcript: Eric:                 Hello and welcome to Asked and Answered, Episode 5, brought to you by Revision Legal and Intellectual Property Law and Internet Law Firm…. READ MORE

Asked and Answered #4

In Episode 4 of Asked and Answered, we class up the joint by speaking with fashion law blogger Greta Hogan. We discuss fashion and intellectual property and answer the question, “How should fashion startups think about legal issues?” Music: Jackit, “Questions Answered;” Mouthguard, “Miami Corrector” Transcript: Eric:                 Hello and welcome to Ask and Answered Revision… READ MORE

Asked and Answered #3

In this episode, we discuss a Kentucky Wildcats trademark infringement cease and desist letter, revenge porn, and we answer the question, “Should I file for copyright registration?” “Spills” and “Tangle” courtesy of Blue Dot Sessions. Show Notes: University of Kentucky Sends Cease and Desist Letter regarding 40-0 Exit 6 Pub & Brewery Response to Starbucks’… READ MORE

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