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Asked and Answered #6

In this episode, we provide tips on selecting a business or product name and registering it as a trademark. Download our free e-book! Music: “Dueling Duality” and “Where Do You Belong” by Cullah. Transcript: Eric:                 Hello and welcome to Ask and Answered! Revision Legal’s Podcast that provides legal tips, insight and answers for people and… READ MORE

Asked and Answered #5: Online Privacy and Privacy Policies

In this episode, we discuss online privacy, privacy policies, and we answer the question, “Where is the new Tool album?” Music: Cullah, “Rhythm of the Funk;” Cloudkicker, “Digital Lightning.”   Transcript: Eric:                 Hello and welcome to Asked and Answered, Episode 5, brought to you by Revision Legal and Intellectual Property Law and Internet Law Firm…. READ MORE

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