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what to expect in depositions

Asked and Answered: Depositions: What to Expect?

In this episode of the Asked and Answered podcast, we discuss what you should expect when being deposed. We also discuss politicians and their domain names, and the new federal Defend Trade Secrets Act.

how to start a microbrewery

Asked and Answered: Starting a Microbrewery

In today’s episode of Revision Legal’s Asked and Answered podcast, we interview Tina Schuett, co-owner of Rare Bird Brewpub, to find out what it takes to start a microbrewery. Music: “Drink Beer Til the Day That I Die” by Dazie Mae; “Friday Night” by Cheap. Transcript: John:                        Hello everyone! This is John DiGiacomo and this… READ MORE

removing internet defamation

Removing Defamatory Reviews from Websites like Yelp

Ratings websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor are changing the way people choose where to eat, where to shop, where to travel and where to lodge. According to its website, TripAdvisor alone is home to over 250 million reviews made by people wi…

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