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Business Law Developments: Can Employers Monitor Calls, Emails and Internet Usage Without Notice?

New York has recently passed a law that says "no," employers cannot engage in electronic monitoring of employee phone calls, emails, and online usage without notice. Further, employers are required to obtain an acknowledgement from workers that they received the notice. The new law was signed by New York Governor Kathy Hochul on November 8,…


Data Security Protocols Continue to Evolve

Despite more than two decades of efforts, computer and data storage breaches continue unabated. Washington State, for example, released annual statistics showing 280 data breaches in 2020 (including one breach that impacted more than a million customers) in Washington State alone. The report also detailed a large uptick in cyberattacks, and ransomware incidents. As a…


What are Trade Secrets and How Can You Protect Yours Legally?

Trade secrets are business information and data that derive economic value from the fact that they are kept confidential and secret. Under both federal and state laws, if an owner takes "reasonable" steps to protect the information/data, then legal action can be taken against anyone who steals -- misappropriates -- the information/data. Trade secrets can…


Strategies for Claiming an Abandoned Trademark

Under US trademark law, an owner of a trademark must actually USE the trademark in interstate commerce for the trademark to continue being valid. Failure to use a trademark is the hallmark of an abandoned trademark. The US trademark law, the Lanham Act, defines trademark abandonment to occur when “its use has been discontinued with…


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