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Esports Intellectual Property Lawyers: Gaming Law

Like any business, esports businesses must protect their various forms of intellectual property ("IP"). IP can be valuable. Indeed, with some esports businesses, the largest component of their business valuation is their IP, including trademarks, copyrights, patent rights, domain name registrations, and trade secrets. IP can also include various assignments, licenses, and other permission-granting contractual…


E-Commerce Acquisition Lawyers

Revision Legal is a law firm focusing on e-commerce and internet law with deep experience in providing legal services with respect to mergers and acquisitions of e-commerce businesses. E-commerce is, of course, businesses that make money online. But that "online" aspect presents unique legal and practical challenges for e-commerce acquisitions. Any business acquisition requires a…


Quality Control Requirements for Trademark Licensing

Trademark licensing can create valuable revenue streams for your business. Licensing has the advantage that your business retains possession of the trademark and can create more than one licensing regime over the life of your business. Licensing is also a method of expanding the reach (and value) of your trademark without the need to invest…


Does a Youtuber Need a Lawyer?

If you plan to be a serious YouTuber, then you will need good internet law lawyers. As just one example, if you put copyright-protected images or videos in your YouTube uploads, you risk being accused of copyright infringement unless you have prior permission to use the material, have a "fair use" basis for the use,…


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