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The Official Small Business Guide to Working With a Patent Examiner

When an inventor files a patent application with the US Patent & Trademark Office ("USPTO"), one of the first steps in the patent process is the assignment of a patent examiner to the application. One can think of a patent examiner as a "case worker" for the patent application. The patent examiner is an attorney…


The Amazon Seller's Guide to Hiring an Amazon Lawyer for Account Issues

If you are a successful Amazon seller, it is essential to retain committed internet lawyers with deep experience helping businesses operating Amazon seller accounts. Having a relationship with a trusted team of lawyers is important before "something bad happens" because when it does, corrective action can begin immediately. There is no "lost time" devoted to…


Five Questions to Ask When Hiring a Defamation Attorney

Lawsuits in general are difficult and can be emotionally draining. Defamation lawsuits are even more so because lies and falsehoods are at issue and personal/business reputations are under attack. It can be enraging really, with the thought being that “... it is unfair, unjust and just plain mean for people to lie and cause me…


Should I File a Provisional or Non-Provisional Patent?

Whether you should file a provisional patent application or a non-provisional patent application depends on a number of factors. One can think of a provisional patent application as both a "short-form" patent application and as a "placeholder" application. A provisional patent application is shorter and "less involved" than a full (non-provisional) patent application and is…


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