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"Detroit Bold Coffee" Defeats "Detroit Coffee" in Trademark Infringement Case

An interesting case was recently decided in the Eastern District of Michigan involving trademark and other claims by a company selling "Detroit Coffee" against a company selling products under the name "Detroit Bold Coffee." See Detroit Coffee Company, LLC v. Soup For You, LLC, 396 F. Supp. 3d 754 (E. Dist. Mich. 2019). The plaintiff…


Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions: Domain Name Due Diligence

In today's business environment, domain names and websites are often key assets when a target company is being acquired during a merger/acquisition. Due diligence with respect to the domain name(s) and any websites is essential. In general, due diligence is the process by which the buyer verifies various aspects of the transaction. Due diligence is…


Asset Acquisition: Due Diligence With Respect to Trademarks

If you are buying a business or business assets, almost certainly, the Purchase Agreement will contain some provision for conducting due diligence. Due diligence is an often-lengthy process that occurs after the Purchase Agreement is signed and before the sale is consummated. The process involves confirming all of the details with respect to various aspects…


Intellectual Property Basics for Protecting Your New Board Game

Entrepreneurs with new board games must legally protect their new invention/concept by using all of the available intellectual property mechanisms. These include copyrights, trademarks, and patents. While some intellectual property rights come into being automatically, like copyright protection, full legal protection is only accomplished through official registration with the relevant governmental office. Intellectual property protection…


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