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Cost of Renewing a Federal Trademark

Trademark registration serves an important function for large and small businesses alike. But, the cost of trademark registration can be an important consideration for smaller businesses. While Revision Legal provides up-front transparency in our flat fee registration packages, a question often arises regarding the costs of renewing a federal trademark. Below is a summary of…


The High Cost of Data Breaches

The following data breach examples show that whether you are a small startup or a big company with a long and storied history, a data breach can be a legal and financial nightmare. There were over 2290 cyberattacks and data breaches in 2020 alone, with the number and severity of data breaches rising every year.…


Amazon Brand Registry: What You Need To Know

Amazon recently launched a new, updated Amazon Brand Registry Program, Brand Registry, which helps protects the brands of sellers who use Amazon as a platform to make sales. The whole function and purpose of a brand is so that consumers can readily identify manufacturers and products that they trust. Amazon Brand Registry: New Tools For Amazon…


Someone Registered my Personal Name as a Domain Name

Did someone register your personal name as a domain name? You may have a cause of action against that person for a violation of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection act (ACPA). What is the ACPA? The ACPA is a federal law enacted in 1999 used to prevent people from squatting on domain names and then extorting money…


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