has your paypal account been frozen? we defend online retailers being sued for trademark infringement

PayPal Account Frozen? Defending Retailers Sued for Trademark Infringement

If you are an online retailer, here is what you need to know about trademark infringement on ecommerce platforms, and things you should be aware of if you are required to defend yourself from trademark infringement allegations.

A Mixing Pot of Commerce and Cultures

Domestic e-commerce sites such as Amazon Marketplace and eBay are big business. More than 1 million sellers are on the Amazon Marketplace alone, representing all 50 states. This is not just a US phenomenon – people from more than 130 countries are selling on Amazon. Read more

read about Amazon's new patent neutral evaluation procedure and how to use it to protect your business.

Amazon’s Patent Neutral Evaluation Procedure: What You Need to Know

In April 2019, Amazon unveiled its Patent Neutral Evaluation Procedure, designed to enlist private attorneys in resolving disputes through an arbitration procedure between utility patent owners and sellers on the Amazon Marketplace.

Given that the Amazon Marketplace is the largest online retailer in the United States, capturing nearly 68% of all online sales, it is no wonder that intellectual property holders, including patent owners, must exercise constant diligence in monitoring the site for counterfeit goods. Read more

cybersquatting laws overview

An Overview of Cybersquatting Laws

Read more

what can you trademark

What Can You Trademark? The Scope and Limits of Trademark Law

You’ve got the next big idea for an online business. The idea that’s going to spark a revolution and change lives. The only problem? Protecting your idea. That’s where a trademark can help. But if you’re still wondering, “What can you trademark, anyway?” you may not have the first clue where to begin.

Here, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about trademarks, how they work, what can and cannot be trademarked, and why your business needs one. If you want to set your business up for success, keep reading. Read more

international trademark application

Across the Pond: How to File an International Trademark Application

Getting trademark protection in the United States is one thing. But if you want to take your brand international, you’re going to need more than just a US trademark.

And if you don’t? You’re vulnerable to appropriation in other countries. Worse, you’ll have insufficient legal grounds to fight back.

You’re proud of your idea–take the time to protect it. Here, we’re walking you through each step of the international trademark application process. Read more

lanham act

Trademark Law Basics: Everything You Need to Know About the Lanham Act

Do you enjoy reading about some of the most bitter trademark battles?

Are you interested in learning how to better protect your products and brand as a whole?

You couldn’t do either one without the Lanham Act.

What do you need to know to fully appreciate just how much this legislation works to guard against trademark violation and infringement as a whole?

You need a foundational understanding of how it all works.

This will also help you learn more about your rights as a trademark holder. It will likely convince you that registering your trademark is always the right move.

Read on to get an overview of the Lanham Trademark Act. You’ll then learn the steps you can take to trademark your property. Read more

china trademark

China Trademark FAQs: How and Why You Should Register Your Trademark in China

Chinese consumers are rapidly outpacing American consumers.

We know that you want to ensure that your products are available to the Chinese market.

We also know that you want to protect your brand against potential counterfeiters and trademark infringements by trademark squatters in the process.

Registering for a China trademark can do just that.

But is China trademark registration really worth the hassle? Read more

Securing Trademark Rights For Your Startup

Branding in the Digital Age: The Role of Trademarks in Securing Your Brand

Trademark rights exist primarily to avoid consumer confusion. They prevent two companies from selling competing products that use similar marks. With the rise of e-commerce, however, enforcing trademark rights, or even securing your desired trademarks for a brand, has become much harder. Read more

M22 Keeps Trademark Protection After Agreement with State of Michigan

After seven years of litigation at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, the Ingham County Circuit Court, and the US District Court for the Western District of Michigan, many, many, many sleepless nights, and some of our best legal work, the Attorney General of the State of Michigan has dismissed its trademark cancellation proceeding against M22 with prejudice.

The M22 trademarks are valid, registered, fully enforceable, and incontestible under the law. Read more

eu copyright directive

What You Should Know About the EU Copyright Directive

What You Should Know About the EU Copyright Directive

In February 2019, the European Union finalized its proposal for reforming its copyright laws, titled “Directive on Copyright Law in the Digital Single Market.” If passed, this EU directive on copyrights could have far-reaching consequences for online service providers and managers of online communities. Read more