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Slander or Libel: What is the Difference?

Slander and libel are both types of defamation. Both involve false statements made that cause injury to the target/victim of the statements. Slander is legally defined as SPOKEN words of defamation; that is, oral defamation. By contrast, Libel is legally defined as WRITTEN words of defamation — that is, false statements made in writing. One…


What is Trademark Class 3? Perfumes, Cosmetics, Soaps

If you are seeking to register a trademark, you must register your trademark with at least one Class of goods or services. Think of Classes as categories. On the application for registration, there is a section where you indicate which Class or Classes you want your trademark to be associated with. Currently, there are 45…


May It Please The Internet: The Federal Trade Commission Comes Calling

The Federal Trade Commission Comes Calling | Speaker 1: This is, May It Please The Internet, a podcast brought to you by Revision Legal, lawyers who represent businesses that make money online. John Di Giacomo: Hey everyone, this is John Di Giacomo, and I'm joined as always, by my business partner, Eric Misterovich. Eric,…


How to Use a Trademark Lawyer

Brand management is crucial to the success of businesses in this internet, social media, and influencer age. While the term "brand" is a bit broader and free-flowing, at heart "branding," is about "trademarking." When managing your brands and trademarks, you need your marketing staff, but it is just as important to have experienced trademark lawyers…


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