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Privacy: Your right to be left alone

Revision Legal works to help individuals fight back against bad actors that share private data.

Privacy Experience

  • Assisted in the removal of countless private videos and photographs shared and posted online without consent.
  • Litigated breach of privacy issues involving the unauthorized sharing of sexually explicit private videos and pictures.
  • Litigated “hidden camera” type cases where private videos were posted and shared online without consent.
  • Counseled clients through the process of dealing with the breach of their trust.
The internet is great, until its not. For far too many people, the internet can serve as a vehicle for revenge or to inflict pain by sharing private, confidential information. When we get involved, we quickly and forcefully turn the balance of power. We take control, issue take down notices, and attack the bad actor until our client is fully protected.
If you are involved in this type of situation, picking up the phone, calling an attorney you have never met, and sharing all the details can be a difficult task. We understand the seriousness of these situations. We are not here to judge. We are here to help. We want to help you take the power back.

What is it?

Privacy law is generally made up of four torts commonly referred to as intrusion upon seclusion, publication of private facts, false light, and appropriation of name or likeness. Each of the four causes of action are somewhat related, but serve a different purpose.

What do we do?

We help people have videos and pictures removed from the interest. We also sue the bad people that do these bad things. We help victims take the power back.

How does this work?

This area of law requires phone calls and communication to understand your options. Just contact us through the website and we will schedule a time to speak.

How much?

We often don’t charge anything to assist in removing photos or videos.

Have a Privacy issue?