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Our trademark lawyers can help you with trademark registration, trademark infringement, and trademark monitoring.

Revision Legal’s trademark lawyers help you create and protect your valuable brand.

A trademark can be any word, design, shape, or even a color or smell that is used to identify your goods or services. When you register a trademark, you obtain the right to prevent everyone else from using your trademark without permission.
Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a publicly traded company, protecting your brand with a registered trademark is important to your success. Our trademark attorneys help clients with trademark searches, trademark registration, and trademark monitoring and protect some of the best brands around in the United States and across the world.

Trademark Search and Clearance

Before you register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), it is important to conduct a trademark search to ensure that there are no issues that would prevent you from registering your proposed trademark. A trademark search and trademark clearance assesses the likelihood that another similar mark has already been registered. At Revision Legal, we will perform a thorough trademark search and provide you with a trademark clearance report that contains an assessment of the strength of your trademark.

Trademark Registration

Once you have determined that your trademark does not infringe on an existing mark, our trademark lawyers can help you register it with the USPTO. Our experienced trademark attorneys will help you with all aspects of the registration process, from preparing the initial trademark application to working with you to ensure that it is drafted and submitted effectively, accurately, and without error. LEARN MORE

Trademark Infringement

When trademark infringement occurs, your company’s entire marketing strategy and position within the marketplace can be compromised. Trademark infringement confuses consumers and, if trademark infringement has occurred, you may have grounds for litigation. Our trademark lawyers have successfully represented countless clients in trademark infringement litigation. LEARN MORE

Trademark Monitoring

As soon as your trademark has been registered with the USPTO, our legal team can begin the process of monitoring. We use advanced software to monitor your mark for trademark infringement by a third party across the world, as well as to ensure that you remain in compliance with trademark laws. LEARN MORE

Here’s how we have helped businesses like yours:

Case Study:

Phalanx Athletics, an ecommerce company specializing in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu apparel and related accessories, was facing a deadend in its pursuit of multiple trademark registrations and a need to incentivize key employees.

Navigating Complex Trademark Litigation

A publicly traded company found itself in trademark litigation with one of its former suppliers and, now, closest rivals. It turned to our trademark infringement lawyers to understand its history and its goals and to negotiate a resolution that was cost effective and acceptable to both parties.

Extending the Reach of a Brand

A manufacturer and retailer wanted to license the brands of one of the largest video game developers in the world. It turned to our trademark lawyers to negotiate the licensing deal and to review and provide advice on the video game developer’s licensing contracts.

Registering Trademarks Around the World

Midwestern approach with international reach. One of the world’s largest automotive insurers wanted to turn its insurance business into something more—a lifestyle brand. To do so, it needed to reach and obtain buy-in from its global audience, so it trusted our trademark registration lawyers to secure its trademark rights and its content around the world.

Seeing Trademark Applications to Registration

A large brewery had been happily selling to customers for years, but it forgot to register its many beer brands as trademarks. When it was being acquired by another brewery,
it came to our trademark attorneys to clean up its intellectual property rights. Together, we successfully navigated several hurdles to achieve registration of all of its trademarks.

Imitation Isn’t Always Flattery

A famous artist who had licensed his artwork to be used on various products came to our trademark lawyers with a wide-reaching counterfeiting problem. Online sellers outside of the United States were infringing upon his trademark and trade dress rights by copying his design style and using his trademark to sell identical goods. Revision Legal worked with the artist to come up with a plan to attack this counterfeiting problem across several online platforms.

Registering Unique Trademarks

A foreign manufacturer came to our trademark registration attorneys with a unique request–it wanted to obtain a registered trademark for a color. We reviewed its use of the color over several decades and developed a strategy to obtain trademark registration of the color for use with its products.

Securing, Protecting, and Enforcing Your Valuable Brand, Around the World