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Trademark Registration: Protecting Your Brand

Trademark registration is a fundamental step in protecting your brand

Trademark Registration Experience

  • Oversee a portfolio of over 800 United States federal trademark registrations.
  • Obtained trademark registration for businesses in nearly every industry, from online retail stores to cannabis businesses.
  • In-depth experience of all aspects of trademark ownership, from the strategy in the initial application to litigating trademark disputes in federal courts across the country.

Trademark registration is a unique animal. It has special rules, a special process, and it can be complicated. When debating whether trademark registration is right for you, it is important to understand its benefits. To help explain this process, we created a comic book, you can read it here.

This comic tells the story of a baby trademark that takes advantage of trademark registration and grows into a strong, powerful mark. And it tells the story of why trademark registration is such a benefit.

Revision Legal provides trademark registration services on a hybrid billing system that includes an upfront flat fee with hourly rates as the application proceeds, which is summarized below:

Trademark Registration Pricing & Procedure

Trademarm Registration Pricing Flowchart

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