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Let our civil litigation lawyers make you a hero in state and federal courts

Our civil litigation lawyers have litigated cases and issues like yours in courts around the United States.

We can help you successfully navigate the often confusing and scary world of state and federal litigation.

Breach of Contract Litigation

We can help you interpret and enforce your contract and obtain or defend against breach of contract damages.

Copyright Litigation

We help writers, artists, musicians, and software developers protect their creative rights against copyright infringement.

Corporate Litigation

We help business owners resolve both internal and external corporate disputes, including those over shares, buyouts, investment, and venture capital.

Domain Name Theft Litigation

We help domain name owners recover their stolen domain names and domain name investment portfolios through domain name theft litigation.

Employment Litigation

We resolve employment disputes, including non-compete agreements, discrimination claims, benefits claims, and compensation, through employment litigation.

First Amendment Litigation

We protect the First Amendment rights of authors, bloggers, reporters, students, and websites.

Media Law Litigation

Our civil litigation lawyers litigate false advertising, National Advertising Division, and FTC-related claims in state and federal courts.

Patent Litigation

Our civil litigation lawyers litigate claims of patent infringement on federally registered patents.

Trademark Litigation

We protect and enforce a business’ ability to use its brand to sell its goods and services in state courts, federal courts, and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Trade Secret Litigation

We prosecute and defend against claims of trade secret misappropriation, including the theft of formulas, programs, processes, and databases.

Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

Our domain dispute lawyers arbitrate claims to recover domain names or to protect against reverse domain name hijacking under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

At Revision Legal, we work tirelessly to avoid litigation. But if negotiations fail to produce favorable results, our civil litigation lawyers are prepared to take your case to trial.

Here’s how we have helped businesses like yours:

Case Study:

Our civil litigation lawyers worked with lifestyle and clothing brand M22 to litigate its trademark rights in federal court, state court, and in front of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

Solving Partner Disputes

A partner in a software company diverted the company’s funds and intellectual property for his own benefit. The remaining partners contacted our civil litigation lawyers to recover the company’s money and intellectual property. Our attorneys litigated the matter to a trial verdict in favor of the company and remaining business partners and restored the funds and intellectual property to its rightful owner.

Restoring Employment Rights

In an effort to save money, a municipality terminated the health insurance benefits of its retirees. The retirees came to our employment litigation attorneys to recover their health insurance benefits. We took the case to trial, obtained a verdict in favor of one employee, and then used that verdict to force a negotiated settlement for the remaining employees.

Navigating Service Provider Litigation

A large internet service provider ran into intellectual property issues because it grew too fast to police the content uploaded by its users. It turned to our civil litigation lawyers to defend it against claims of intellectual property infringement and to negotiate settlements with its opponents.

Stopping Cybersquatters from Diverting Web Traffic

An e-commerce retailer came to our trademark litigation lawyers with a problem—a competitor was using a domain name containing its trademark to divert traffic to other websites.
Revision Legal filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of the e-commerce retailer and successfully recovered the domain name.

Obtaining Licensing Royalties for a Musician

A musician realized that one of the largest media companies in the world was using his music in live broadcasts, DVDs, and video games without authorization. Our copyright infringement litigation lawyers investigated the claim, identified all instances of copyright infringement, and filed suit in federal court. The lawsuit resulted in a large settlement in favor of the musician.

Removing Embarrassing Content from the Web

An ex-boyfriend posted embarrassing photos of his ex-girlfriend online in retaliation for a breakup and tried to hide his actions through various means. Our civil litigation lawyers filed a lawsuit on behalf of the ex-girlfriend to have the embarrassing photos removed and to obtain damages for invasion of privacy and other claims.

Recovering Stolen Domain Names

A domain name investor was targeted by an online hacker, who stole hundreds of valuable domain names from his registrar account. The domain name investor contacted our domain theft litigation lawyers, and we investigated the claim and filed suit to recover the stolen domain names, which totaled in excess of $3 million.

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