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“As a small business owner, a lot of this stuff is confusing. Revision Legal made it easy to understand.”

— Matt Myers, co-founder, M22

M22 came to Revision Legal for two reasons:

  • First, to create a trademark registration and enforcement strategy that makes sense for their brand; and
  • To protect their valuable trademarks from infringement and cancellation.

Here’s how Revision Legal Helped

Creating a Trademark Registration and Enforcement Strategy

M22 needed to ensure that its marks were the broadest and strongest possible under the law, so Revision Legal created a trademark registration strategy to help M22 achieve its goals. This strategy allowed M22 to obtain a number of registered trademarks that are now incontestable—the strongest type of trademarks available under the law.

As a lifestyle brand, M22 also came to Revision Legal to develop a trademark enforcement strategy that values educating alleged infringers about M22’s trademark rights over lawsuits and demand letters. Revision Legal has worked with M22 to help alleged infringers understand why M22’s trademarks are important and valuable and why they must enforce their trademark rights under the law.

Protecting M22’s Trademarks

In 2012, the Michigan Attorney General issued an opinion stating that M22’s federally registered trademarks were not valid because they incorporated a derivative of a Michigan highway sign. In 2013, the Attorney General’s office filed a cancellation proceeding with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to cancel M22’s trademarks. M22 hired Revision Legal to represent it against the State of Michigan.

M22’s case against the State of Michigan started in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, went to state court when the State filed a lawsuit there, and then was moved to federal court.
Revision Legal won in federal court on a motion to dismiss, and the case was then remanded back to state court, where Revision Legal also prevailed. The case was sent back to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Through all of this, M22 trusted Revision Legal to protect their rights.

From 2013 to 2019, Revision Legal represented M22 against the State of Michigan and the Attorney General’s office in front of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, the US District Court from the Western District of Michigan, and the Ingham County Circuit Court. Throughout this long battle over M22’s federal trademark rights, Revision Legal won every motion. And, in 2019, the Attorney General of the State of Michigan’s office dismissed its case against M22. M22’s trademarks continue to be valid and incontestable.


  • The Attorney General of the State of Michigan’s office dismissed its case against M22.
  • M22’s trademarks continue to be valid and incontestable.
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About M22

In 2004, M22 was established when the Myers brothers Matt and Keegan sought to bring life to a passion for northern Michigan and its natural wonders. Since then, M22 has become a symbol of the shared experiences that belong to everyone who has had the opportunity to visit this paradise.

The Myers brothers, Matt and Keegan, co-founders of M22.