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Defamation: Your Reputation

Revision Legal helps put an end to online defamation

Defamation Experience

  • Assisted clients across the country fight back and stop defamation.
  • Helped businesses remove negative reviews from Yelp, Google, Blogger and other review sites.
  • Litigated defamation issues in state courts across the country.

The internet makes spreading false statements easy. These statements can cause serious injury to a person’s name, reputation, and ability to earn a living. These types of false statements can form a claim for defamation. This often comes in the form of two avenues.

First, Revision Legal is experienced at working with online services providers to remove these defamatory statements.

The reality is that most online platforms are protected from liability for defamation based on Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. But while the platform itself may not be liable, often times the infringing speech violates the platform’s community standards or other policies. We rely on the platform’s own rules to provide leverage to request that action be taken to delete certain statements.

Second, Revision Legal has privately negotiated with individuals making these statements and demanded and obtain retraction of those statements. We understand the power behind defamation lawsuits and the potential for substantial damages.

What is it?

In general, defamation is false statements of fact that lower one’s reputation in the community

How do I fight back?

Usually through cease and desist letters and potentially litigation.

How much?

We generally provide defamation services at our standard hourly rates.

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