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The heart of trademark infringement centers on a finding of
likelihood of confusion between trademarks.

Trademark Infringement

After trademark registration and through trademark monitoring, it may become necessary to contact a third-party about their potentially infringing activity. This is routinely accomplished through the sending of cease and desist letters, explaining why the use of a mark constitutes trademark infringement. This being said, you need a reliable Michigan trademark lawyer by your side.

Revision Legal’s trademark infringement lawyer creates a draft and responds to these letters. In this role, we quickly evaluate threats or infringers and respond with the client’s goals in mind. Through aggressive representation to enforce our client’s intellectual property, our trademark infringement law firm is able to solve problems before they turn into trademark litigation.

If a negotiated outcome cannot be reached, litigation becomes necessary to protect the marks at issue. As trademark infringement attorneys, Revision Legal has appeared in courts and arbitration bodies across the county to protect a company’s intellectual property. We litigate trademark infringement disputes with business goals in mind, counseling clients through the complex maze of litigation.

If you believe your mark is being confused with a competitor, it is your duty to act to defend it. Contact our trademark infringement attorneys today for an evaluation of your trademark concerns.

Trademark Services

Trademark Registration

Trademark registration provides a trademark owner with several benefits, such as federal priority over all others to use the mark, the ability to use the (R) symbol to put others on notice of the trademark owner’s rights, and the ability to obtain up to $2,000,000 in statutory damages. Put simply, it is a smart business investment. Revision Legal’s trademark attorneys have handled trademark registration for companies ranging from the smallest startup to established multinationals both in the United States and abroad. For more information on how to register your mark, click here.

Trademark Licensing

Revision Legal’s attorneys are experts in trademark licensing negotiations and the drafting of trademark license agreements. Our attorneys have handled licensing matters in the fields of e-commerce, manufacturing, video games, merchandising, health care, and software. Whether you seek to license your trademarks for merchandising purposes or need to license rights from a third party, Revision Legal’s attorneys can handle your licensing needs. To learn more about building value in your marks through licensing, click here.

Trademark Monitoring

Monitoring your trademark is not just an option, it is a requirement. In fact, failure to actively monitor your trademarks can result in the loss of your trademark protection altogether. For this reason, we use specialized software to track the use of your mark online and provide you a quarterly report of the results. Trademark monitoring is an effective proactive measure to protect your marks and put a stop to unauthorized uses.

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