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Trademark Infringement: Brand Confusion

Revision Legal handles trademark infringement issues on a daily basis

Trademark Infringement Experience

  • Litigated a 7.5 year long trademark dispute against the Michigan Attorney General that resulted in a settlement in our client’s favor.
  • Litigated trademark disputes in the fitness, heavy machinery, digital content, consumer goods, food, cannabis, insurance, and entertainment industries.
  • Litigated trademark disputes between international and domestic manufacturers and distributors.
  • Drafted and responded to hundreds of cease and desist letters alleging trademark infringement.

Trademark infringement is all about confusion. And that’s because trademark law is designed to prevent confusion. That confusion is caused by companies using the same or similar trademark on the same or similar goods.

Of course, it is more complicated than that; however, the basic remains the same: there should be no confusion over the source of goods or services.

Revision Legal helps companies evaluate potential claims of infringement, respond to allegations of infringement, and create comprehensive plans to fight back against infringement. It is vitally important that rights holders take the steps necessary to protect their rights. And we have found that educating our clients on the basics of trademark infringement has helped them create strong brands in the long run that are less susceptible to attack.

What is it?

When there is an allegation the public is being confused by the use of competing trademarks.

What services do you provide?

We assist companies pursuing claims of infringement and we respond to allegations of infringement.

How much?

We handle trademark infringement on a case-by-case basis generally at our standard hourly rates.

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