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Verified Rights Owner Program: What You Need to Know About the eBay VeRO List

To protect the rights of owners of intellectual property, eBay has created a program called the “Verified Rights Owner” program (“VeRO”). eBay is an enormous online platform for retailers selling new and second-hand merchandise. eBay has millions of sellers and buyers. One problem with online sales platforms like eBay is that some sellers will sell… READ MORE

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Everything You Need to Know about Defamation: Libel vs. Slander Per Se

Libel and slander are different types of defamation. Generally speaking, “defamation” is defined as the publishing of one or more false statements which damages a person’s reputation or business. Libel involves written false statements including photographs, cartoons, and other forms of printed or online content. On the other hand, slander involves oral false statements including… READ MORE

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