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Slander or Libel: What is the Difference?

Slander and libel are both types of defamation. Both involve false statements made that cause injury to the target/victim of the statements. Slander is legally defined as SPOKEN words of defamation; that is, oral defamation. By contrast, Libel is legally defined as WRITTEN words of defamation — that is, false statements made in writing. One… READ MORE

Virginia consumer data privacy act

New Data Privacy Law: Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA)

On January 1st of this year, Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA) took effect. Much like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which has been effective since 2020, the VCDPA creates a host of protections for individuals to take more control over their personal data. In turn, the Act creates a number of new obligations… READ MORE

What does a defamation lawyer do?

Stages of a Defamation Lawsuit: What Does a Defamation Lawyer Do?

If you have been the victim of some sort of defamation, you will need an experienced defamation lawyer to help you recover damages resulting from the defamation and help remove the defamation if the false statements are still online. Generally, defamation means that your reputation and/or business has been injured by false statements — intentional… READ MORE

How much is my defamation case worth?

How Much is My Defamation Case Worth?

In terms of money damages, your defamation case might be worth millions of dollars, even a billion. Alex Jones, for example, lost several defamation cases brought against him and was eventually ordered to pay more than $965 million in damages. See the PBS media report here. As another example recently in the news, a jury… READ MORE

remove negative Amazon reviews

Can I Hire a Lawyer to Help Remove Negative Amazon Reviews?

Yes, you can hire an Amazon Seller attorney or Amazon Seller Law Firm to help remove negative Amazon reviews. Amazon negative reviews can have a significant impact on your Amazon Seller Account. So, there are good reasons to make every effort to remove such reviews. That being said, there are several difficulties in obtaining the… READ MORE

how to find an ecommerce lawyer

How to Find an E-Commerce Lawyer

In today’s marketplace, nearly every business has some aspect of their business that relates to the internet and web-based platforms. Some businesses are almost entirely web-based like online retailers, online service providers (like telemedicine and streaming), distributors, sellers on marketplace websites like Amazon, online platform providers, etc. Others may operate a hybrid business involving a… READ MORE

amazon seller defense lawyer

Has an Amazon Seller Ever Used an Amazon Defense Lawyer to Resolve an A-Z Claim?

Yes, an Amazon Seller Defense Lawyer can be used to resolve an Amazon A-Z claim. But, a good legal defense must be started almost immediately because of the very short window of time for an Amazon seller to address the customer complaint. There may be as little as two or three days to respond to… READ MORE

how do lawyers find your social media

How Do Lawyers Find Your Social Media to Use Against You in a Lawsuit?

With a proper foundation according to the Rules of Evidence, social media posts are evidence in both civil and criminal cases. The Rules harken back to old forms of communication like paper letters exchanged or mailed through the various postal services. What a person might have written to a co-conspirator on paper is no different… READ MORE

cyberbullying and defamation

What Kind of Lawyers Take On Cyberbullying and Defamation Cases?

Basically, the kind of lawyer that would take on a cyberbullying and defamation case would be a top-rated defamation and/or negligence lawyer with experience in complex litigation cases. Revision Legal has such lawyers and we would be pleased to have you contact us for a consultation. We can be reached at 231-714-0100 or 855-473-8474. Deep… READ MORE

crypto theft lawyer

My Crypto Has Been Stolen: Hire a Crypto Theft Lawyer

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, so does the number of thefts involving them. Unfortunately, many cryptocurrency holders are unaware of the risks and fail to take adequate precautions to protect their assets. As a result, thefts of cryptocurrencies are not uncommon, and the recovery of stolen funds is a complex and challenging… READ MORE

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