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Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions: Domain Name Due Diligence

In today’s business environment, domain names and websites are often key assets when a target company is being acquired during a merger/acquisition. Due diligence with respect to the domain name(s) and any websites is essential. In general, due diligence is the process by which the buyer verifies various aspects of the transaction. Due diligence is… READ MORE

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Careful With Repurposing Data Collected During the Pandemic

As businesses begin to reopen and as we all continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses must be cautious with data that has been collected during this time. Many of the new privacy statutes require that consumers be given notice, at the point of collection, that personal information is being collected… READ MORE

Data Security Now a Key Emphasis of Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence

With the looming costs of any sort of data breach, data loss, or exfiltration, cybersecurity has become a key focus of due diligence in recent mergers and acquisitions. Specific representations and warranties about data security are now routine in M&A Purchase Agreements. Only a few years ago, there were almost no provisions in a Purchase… READ MORE

Mobile Device Cybersecurity: SEC Offers New Guidance

  The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has just issued a new comprehensive guidance on the methods that businesses and not-for-profit organizations should be using to guard against hacking, ransomware and other malicious and criminal attempts to exfiltrate company data and consumer information. See here. If your data and your computer systems are vulnerable, your… READ MORE

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