How to Protect Against Scraping of Prices, SKUs

John DiGiacomo has a new article published on How to Protect Against Scraping of Prices, SKUs. ….storeowners will often scrape prices from their competitors’ websites. By analyzing this data, storeowners can reduce their cart abandonment rates, obtain insight into their competitors’ inventory, and ensure that their goods are competitively priced — on the fly…. READ MORE

Lance Tamashiro Podcast With Eric Misterovich

In a recent podcast with internet marketer, Lance Tamashiro, Revision Legal partner Eric Misterovich discuss how to protect your business in an online world: Protecting your original work online You have copyright rights the moment work is created DMCA takedown notices Why outsourcing can be a huge mistake How to protect your company with a work-for-hire… READ MORE

EU-US Privacy Shield and Binding Arbitration

Ever since a European court invalidated the old Safe Harbor laws in 2015, the United States and European Union (“EU”) have been working to create a new system that would offer adequate protection for the collection, storage and use of EU citizens’ private information. It has been no easy battle, as both parties have their… READ MORE

FTC Brings Claim for Falsely Representing Potential Employers

Lead generation is a common tool used by companies to expand their mailing lists, bring in more clients and increase revenue. There’s a general expectation, however, that a lead generator won’t hide behind a façade. gave the outward appearance of advertising available job opportunities – a listing included the job title, description of the… READ MORE

Stronger Trade Secret Protections In View

The House recently passed a bill that provides a federal remedy for the theft of company trade secrets. The bill passed easily with a 410-2 vote in favor, sending the bill on to receive President Obama’s signature. The Senate approved the bill with no objections on April 4 (87-0). Trade secrets are similar to patents,… READ MORE

Changes in EU Electronic Signature Laws

Now that so much government, economic, and business activity has moved from paper hard copy to digital formats electronic signature (e-signature) capabilities are more vital than ever. While most developed countries/regions have an e-signature code or act to abide by, not all as coherent as one might hope. The European Union (EU) has had Directive… READ MORE

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