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Lance Tamashiro Podcast With Eric Misterovich

By John DiGiacomo

In a recent podcast with internet marketer, Lance Tamashiro, Revision Legal partner Eric Misterovich discuss how to protect your business in an online world:

Listen to the podcast: Protecting Your Content, Copyright, DMCA & Defamation – Eric Misterovich

More about Lance Tamashiro:

“Before hearing about internet marketing, I was an IT computer nerd for most of the 2000’s. In Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, I worked as a “Database Administrator” which is the nerdiest of the nerd programming types.

During that time, I got married and had a daughter. One day, while sitting in my office, I realized things needed to change. I looked around the internet and discovered people were making money online, actually helping other people and bringing value to the lives of others. I tried every “push button technique” that doesn’t work: I created a blog, added AdSense, and flipped websites.

Luckily I found a mentor who told me I needed to build a list, so I built a list of 6000 subscribers in two months. Then I realized that “cut and paste” affiliate marketing did not generate enough income. So, I created and marketed products about how I built my list, how I automated sales, and used myself as a case study the entire way.

Success Leaves Traces, and if you too want to succeed, then you should apply those exact strategies in your own business. Additionally, you need a mastermind that understands your excitement when you make progress, has members with different skill sets to learn from, and help you to make consistent progress.

My business partner Robert Plank and I now operate a million dollar business where we market training courses (Membership Cube, Webinar Crusher, and Double Agent Marketing) and sell software (WordPress Drip, Webinar Optin, and Backup Creator).”

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