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Virtual Reality: To Boldly Go Where No Copyright Infringement Has Gone Before?

Virtual reality (VR) is a unique puzzle in copyright infringement because of its relative newness—at least, compared to other copyright-protected materials. Despite that, we have a pretty good idea of the technology’s potential, as anybody familiar with the Enterprise-D’s holodeck can testify to. A television show, book, or sculpture is presented to the viewer as… READ MORE

DC COA net neutrality

DC Court of Appeals Protects Net Neutrality

This week, the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upheld the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) net neutrality rules. The net neutrality rules in place prevent internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking, disrupting, or diminishing internet traffic that may not be profitable. The rules effectively classify high-speed internet as a public utility, like water or… READ MORE

Michigan Video Game Tax Credits

GamesIndustry International has posted an excellent article on the tax credits available for video game developers. Michigan is among the dozens of states and Canadian provinces that provide tax credits for video game development. Under the 2013 Film and Digital Media Incentive, the State of Michigan offers a partial reimbursement of a video game developer’s… READ MORE

Why Pay For Channels You Don’t Even Watch? A La Carte, Coming Soon?

If you have cable or satellite TV, then you are probably paying for channels that you either never watch or did not even know that you had.  This is because cable and satellite TV providers sell “bundles” of packages in their different subscription packages.  You buy a package, and those are the channels you get. … READ MORE

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