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Virtual Reality: To Boldly Go Where No Copyright Infringement Has Gone Before?

Virtual reality (VR) is a unique puzzle in copyright infringement because of its relative newness—at least, compared to other copyright-protected materials. Despite that, we have a pretty good idea of the technology’s potential, as anybody familiar with the Enterprise-D’s holodeck can testify to. A television show, book, or sculpture is presented to the viewer as… READ MORE

FTC Partners with Federal Associations to Help Mobile Health App Developers

There are two sayings in particular that have become common phrases in today’s society. Because many of us are convinced that Google knows all, “Google it!” Second, and definitely growing in popularity is “There’s an app for that!” While the use of Google to help us understand and learn many new things is an invaluable… READ MORE

Legal Issues in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a fast growing technology with major implications in the legal realm. While it is not necessarily a new technology, its increased use is bringing up more legal questions than ever before. How are copyrights and trademarks…

SCPA what does it mean

The SPCA, Part I – What Does it All Mean?

Semiconductor chips are found in almost any type of electronic these days, fulfilling a huge area of uses to the designer and consumer alike. Considering how widely used these products are today, one might reasonably assume that anybody can make them a…

Mobile Game Copyright Benefits for Game Developers

As soon as an individual expresses an idea, phrase, or some other form of creativity in a tangible medium of expression, it has copyright protection. The United States government makes all works protected, whether registered or not, in order to promote creativity and allow for all original thoughts to be owned by the creators. While… READ MORE

Advantages of Using Work For Hire Agreements for Mobile Game Developers

Games have evolved from the simplicity of Pong to the complex, 18 quintillion planet universe of No Man’s Sky. Along with this massive expansion, development teams have evolved, too. While the original idea of any app or game is usually attributed to a stroke of genius from one person, it is understood that a team… READ MORE

Mobile Gaming Faces New Challenges in Apple App Store

As the app market speeds up, developers are rushing from app conception to coding to cross-platform publication. At the same time, developers are trying to navigate this new marketplace without losing any rights to their creative work. The Apple App Store presents a specific set of guidelines for developers to abide by while creating their… READ MORE

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