Update Your Browsewrap and Clickwrap Agreements

A recent California case reminds businesses and website owners that browsewrap and clickwrap agreements must be conspicuous for courts to enforce them. See Long v. Provide Commerce, Inc., 245 Cal.App.4th 855 (2nd Dist. 2016). It may be time to review your agreements to ensure they still comply with existing law. What are Clickwrap and Browsewrap… READ MORE

FTC Issues Revised Online Endorsement Guidelines

As many know, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) regulates unfair and deceptive business practices including such practices on the internet. One of the more vexing recent issues has been business use of “consumer” reviews, “likes,” rating systems and similar types of product and service endorsements on websites and on social media. In September 2017, the… READ MORE

ASUS Settles FTC Case Over Router Security Breaches

ASUS, a Taiwan-based computer company, has recently agreed to settle with the Federal Trade Commission over charges stemming from insecure routers and cloud services. The complaint alleged that ASUS compromised the personal information of h…

FTC Settles with Bitcoin Mining Machine’s Operators

The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) mission is to protect the consuming public from deceptive or unfair business practices. The FTC accomplishes these goals using a variety of strategies, including keeping businesses accountable for false advertising, preventing anti-competition, and helping to enhance informed consumer choice, just to name a few. The FTC governs any trade channels within or associated with the United States. In the age of the Internet, these lines have blurred slightly, but the FTC continues its mission to protect the consuming public.

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