cybersquatting laws overview

An Overview of Cybersquatting Laws

Consider the following scenario: You’re a successful business owner, and you have a customer base that’s expanding daily. Recently, you decided it’s time to start a website to continue growing your business, but when you try to register your trademark as your domain name, you find out someone else already owns it. Without warning, you may have just become the victim of cybersquatting.

copyright infringement fraud

Copyright Infringement Fraud: A Serious Problem

Copyright infringement is serious business and a true violation is something that should be addressed as soon as possible. But what if it isn’t a true violation? What if it was a ploy to make money? And, whether true or a scheme, how would …

VARA and the Moral Right to Art

t took Michelangelo over four years to complete the Sistine Chapel—it might take you four seconds to download a high-resolution picture of it from Google. In 2016, Michelangelo may have been a starving artist.

Legal Issues in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a fast growing technology with major implications in the legal realm. While it is not necessarily a new technology, its increased use is bringing up more legal questions than ever before. How are copyrights and trademarks…

Fathers And Daughters BitTorrent Suit Filed in Michigan

Fathers and Daughters Nevada has filed suit in the Eastern District of Michigan (Fathers and Daughters Nevada, LLC v Does 1-15, Case No. 2:16-cv-10372) against fifteen John Doe defendants (Does 1-15) who they believe have illegally copied and distributed its copyrighted work, the movie “Fathers and Daughters,” via bit torrent sites. The defendants, who haven’t yet been named, are either physically located in Michigan or are believed to have sent the work to users who are physically located in Michigan. In its suit, Fathers and Daughters Nevada has acknowledged that it does not know the true identities of the defendants, but argues that during the course of the suit, the defendants’ identities will come to light.

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