Employment Law: Legal Concerns When Using Contact Tracing Apps for Employees

In various parts of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the development and deployment of various contact tracing applications that are designed to help mitigate contagion risks and facilitate medical intervention. There are many variations in how the apps work, but, generally, the idea is that the software uses geo-location and user-provided data to… READ MORE

Labor Law Considerations for Work-From-Home Employees

Hiring (or converting) employees to work from home is really not that different than hiring an employee to work in a standard employment circumstance. A work-from-home employee is entitled to all the protections of federal and state labor laws. For example, the applicable labor laws related payment of wages and overtime apply with equal force… READ MORE

Michigan’s Venture Capital Industry Invested $242 Million In 2012

The Michigan Venture Capital Association has released its annual research report, which concludes that Michigan’s venture capital industry invested $242 million in 2012. MVCI’s research report shows that there are currently twenty nine venture capital groups operating within the state, which invested a combined $242 million in thirty-three deals within the State of Michigan. There… READ MORE

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