intellectual property in china

Find Out How to Protect Your Intellectual Property from Your Chinese Manufacturer

Any business with one eye fixed on the future knows that they can’t afford to stay out of China, one of the four largest emerging markets in the world. Unfortunately, businesses also know that they can’t afford to stay in China either, as China accounts for at least half of all intellectual property theft from… READ MORE

intellectual property tips for architects

Intellectual Property: 3 Tips For Architects

As an architect your designs combine creativity, technical skill, experience and your unique style. You provide your clients with a customized experience and your work product is one-of-a-kind. Whether you focus on residential or commercial, custom design or license plans in bulk, your work and your business need to be protected. Below are three intellectual… READ MORE

IP Audits – What They Are & Why You Need One

One of a company’s most valuable business assets is intellectual property (IP) rights. They are integral for protecting the company’s position in the market and can have immense value if they are properly obtained, managed, and enforced. Periodically, companies should conduct IP audits to understand what rights they have, the scope of protections that they… READ MORE

Intellectual Property Strategies for Startups

One of the toughest things about being a new and struggling startup is that funds can be incredibly limited, so you have to carefully assess how to use the precious resources you have most effectively. All too often, startups forgo obtaining intellectual property (IP) rights on valuable technology, iconic designs, as well as the company… READ MORE

Stronger Trade Secret Protections In View

The House recently passed a bill that provides a federal remedy for the theft of company trade secrets. The bill passed easily with a 410-2 vote in favor, sending the bill on to receive President Obama’s signature. The Senate approved the bill with no objections on April 4 (87-0). Trade secrets are similar to patents,… READ MORE

VARA and the Moral Right to Art

t took Michelangelo over four years to complete the Sistine Chapel—it might take you four seconds to download a high-resolution picture of it from Google. In 2016, Michelangelo may have been a starving artist.

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