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TC Retreat was unable to access their website after a former board member left and was unwilling to provide access to their domain name.

TC Retreat’s website was a key step in providing their crucial services to the community.

Without it, they were unable to move forward in their mission of helping people suffering from addiction.

Here’s how Revision Legal Helped

Understanding the Situation

When TC Retreat contacted Revision Legal, our attorneys took the time to listen and understand the relationships and history related to the current conflict. The most important goal that TC Retreat had was to recover the use of their website. This meant that they needed to have the registration of the domain name transferred to them or someone they could trust. As a non-profit, some of the traditional cybersquatting legal actions were not an affordable option for TC Retreat. We didn’t stop there. Revision Legal’s team worked alongside the TC Retreat team to make a plan for success.

Creatively Taking Action

With TC Retreat’s goals and budget in mind, Revision Legal worked through a step by step process to get the TC Retreat website back up and running.

This process included outreach and negotiation, a legal demand letter and, when that wasn’t enough, Revision Legal filed a creative legal complaint against the former board member that alleged the valid claims of trademark infringement and unfair competition.
This lawsuit was filed with TC Retreat’s number 1 goal in mind: get back the website. The plan was successful and the Judge ordered the domain registrar to transfer TC Retreat’s domain name registration from the former board member to TC Retreat.

Because of our attorneys’ willingness to listen and understand the conflict as well as our creative approach based on solid legal principles, we were able to recover the TC Retreat website for our client in a way that respected their goals and budget.

A creative approach might not always be the most obvious legal option. At Revision Legal we understand that your business or goals are unique. Now, TC Retreat is able to move beyond an internal conflict and continue offering crucial services to the community.


  • TC Retreat’s website was restored and once again available to the community.
  • TC Retreat regained ownership and control of their domain name.

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About TC Retreat

TC Retreat is passionate about providing access to an affordable, supportive, and safe sober living environment for their guests as they continue their journey through recovery.