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Hurley Medical Center Retiree Class Action

Hurley Medical Center Retiree Class Action Lawsuit

What did Hurley Medical Center Allegedly Do?

On December 1, 2017, Revision Legal filed a class action complaint in the Genesee County Circuit Court in Flint, Michigan on behalf of a named plaintiff and approximately 70 similarly-situated plaintiffs who have been affected by Hurley’s express statement that it intends to modify retiree health insurance benefits. Specifically, Hurley Medical Center promised certain exempt, non-union employees that they would receive the health insurance benefits that were in place at the time of their retirement throughout their retirement. In October of 2017, Hurley Medical Center notified many of these employees that they would either need to change their health insurance plan to a cheaper one or pay out of pocket for their current health insurance benefits. Plaintiff’s complaint alleges that, by stating that it will not keep its promise to its retirees, Hurley Medical Center is liable for breach of contract.

Should I return the letter that I received from Hurley?

Plaintiff’s complaint alleges that Hurley Medical Center is liable for breach of contract. Though we cannot provide individuals with legal advice specific to their situation before we are retained as their attorneys, we believe that, by returning the letter sent by Hurley, potential class members may provide Hurley with a waiver defense in litigation. Simply put, by returning the letter, we believe that Hurley’s argument that class members do not object to the change in benefits is better.

What can I do to protect my rights?

If you are a retiree who has received a letter from Hurley Medical Center stating that you must choose between a cheaper health plan or paying more out of pocket, we want to speak with you. Please contact us at 231-714-0100 or complete the contact form below.


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