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Revision Legal helps clients protect their businesses with clear, plain language contracts that never get in the way of the deal

Contract Experience

  • Created master service agreement and statement of work contracts to help a logistics company‚Äôs salesforce quickly build deals without waiting for legal
  • Created a minimum advertised price policy for a food products manufacturer to create fairness among online and retail store pricing
  • Drafted a phantom equity agreement that provided a key employee with an incentive to stay with the company
  • Negotiated an agreement for the supply of parts to a publicly traded company in the HVAC industry
  • Drafted a purchase and sale agreement for the purchase of the physical and intellectual property assets of a competitor
  • Edited a record contract between a producer and a recording artist
Contracts don’t have to be painful when your attorneys understand your business. A good contract is drafted in plain language and helps facilitate the deal, not get in the way of it.
Whether you are a manufacturer selling goods across international borders or an inventor who needs to license her trade secrets, your contracts must be simple and enforceable.

At Revision Legal, we take the mystery out of contracts. Here, you will find no arcane language, no magic spells. Just simple, clear, and enforceable contracts that facilitate the deal, not get it its way.

What do we do?

We capture your deal in plain language and protect you against unforeseen consequences and liabilities without confusion or pain.

Do I need it?


How much?

We provide contract services on a flat rate or an hourly basis. Services generally start at $1,200 and go up from there depending on what you have going on.

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