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Copyright Licensing: Putting Your Works to Work

Finalize Your Licensing Project

Revision Legal negotiates, drafts, and enforces copyright license agreements.

Copyright Licensing Experience

  • Drafted and negotiated a copyright license agreement regarding the creation and use of a video game to be used in connection with law school courses, a photographer and home goods manufacturer for the inclusion of certain photographs on home goods, and several other licensee relationships.
  • Enforced the breach of several license agreements and related copyright infringement matters through demand letters and federal litigation.
Creators can generate significant revenue through copyright licensing. It is a fantastic way to exponentially expand the distribution of a creator’s designs, photos, videos, or other creative works. But it all depends on the licensing agreement in place.
We help creators understand the terms and negotiate to maximum their profits while retaining as much control over the future use of their works as possible. And we help businesses utilize the creative efforts of others by drafting favorable terms.

What is it?

Copyright licensing is allowing others to use your works on certain terms.

Do I need it?

Yes, if you want to let others use your works.

How much?

Copyright licensing services typically start at around $1,200 and could go up from there depending on what you have going on.

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