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Amazon: The 800-Pound Gorilla

Revision Legal works with Amazon sellers. We understand working with an 800-pound gorilla can make life difficult.

We understand the marketplace and how competitors can make life difficult. We help solve those problems.

Amazon Experience

  • Successfully litigated private Amazon arbitration proceedings for sellers facing account suspensions, frozen funds, or account closures.
  • Assisted in the sale of several seven-figure Amazon FBA businesses.
  • Advised clients in responding to wrongful actions by competitors, including responding to issues regarding review manipulation, false infringement reports, removing counterfeit products, detail page hijacking, and interfering with suppliers.
  • Formed trademark portfolio strategies to take advantage of brand registry rules and procedures.
Selling on Amazon is a privilege and a burden. The marketplace dominates, but the enforcement of rules can be difficult. It can be a breeding ground for competitors taking whatever steps necessary to get the buy box. Determining the best course to respond to Amazon issues requires experience. Revision legal has it.
Amazon problems can come in all shapes and sizes. While some may need help with the initial organization of a new Amazon business, others are looking to close on a large exit. And in-between, it seems like almost anything is possible. We enjoy forming long-lasting relationship with our Amazon sellers which provides a deep understanding of their business, what works, what problems exist, and a shared plan to solve those problems.

Amazon arbitrations are a world of their own. If you are facing problems with Amazon’s enforcement of its rules, then it is likely you will be required to go through private arbitration. This somewhat more information proceeding can be completed in a fraction of the time as a traditional lawsuit. But, some issues are exempt from this requirement and more suitable for a traditional court. We can help advise you on the right path for your Amazon problems.

What is it?

The various problems that come along with making money on Amazon.

Can I win an Amazon Arbitration?

Yes. But, there are some things you should know. Let’s talk.

How Much is an Amazon Arbitration?

It varies, but you can expect somewhere between $2,500 – $6,000 in most cases.

Can You Help with Competitors?

Yes, we have plenty of experience dealing with competitors and their bad actions on Amazon.

How Much to Help with Competitors?

It varies, but it is often a fraction of the money being lost.

Have an Amazon issue?