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Data Licensing: Power in Numbers

We help companies leverage their data through creative licensing deals, while protecting what they own.

We understand the value of what you’ve collected and the best protections for your data.

Data Licensing Experience:

Monetizing Your Data

A company wanted to license its data to third parties by providing access to its large database of public information for a fee. It worked with Revision Legal to create an end user license agreement that would protect against data theft and put restrictions on the commercial use of its data.

Acquiring Valuable Data

A large private company wanted to acquire the data of a retiring business owner. It relied on Revision Legal to negotiate the terms of the deal, to identify the data that needed to be transferred, and to draft the purchase and sale agreements to acquire the data.

Protecting Against Data Theft

A large insurance company needed to protect its valuable data against competitor theft. The attorneys at Revision Legal advised it on adopting a robust terms of use agreement to protect against data scraping and to obtain copyright registration of its valuable database.

Intellectual Property Protection for Data

Prior to licensing its publicly available data, a company wanted to ensure that it could obtain copyright registration of its database. Our attorneys advised the company on a plan to obtain copyright registration for the selection and arrangement of its database fields.

Data licensing is more complex than it sounds. When giving someone access to data, there needs to be controls over how it’s accessed, used, stored, copied, altered, and loaded.
Each of those steps may require detailed and complex contractual provisions to adequately govern. Strong, comprehensive contracts protect the value of your data.

We often work with companies in their initial collection of data, which allows for an organized, structured plan for licensing it. The collection of data is often subject to several other protections, such as copyright or trade secret protection. If you have valuable data, its highly recommended to have a comprehensive plan for not just how others use it, but for how your own company protects it as well.

What is it?

Allowing others to use your data, for a price, and with several constraints.

How do we help?

We help form a comprehensive plan to protect your data from initial collection through the execution of licensing deals.

How much?

We provide data licensing and protection services at our standard hourly rates.

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