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Ecommerce Lawyers: We understand online businesses. We are one.

Revision Legal thrives in representing ecommerce companies that make money online.

We give your ecommerce business a one-stop shop for answers to your legal questions.

Ecommerce Experience

  • General counsel to one of the largest brokers of digital assets and advised closing the sale for 100’s of online businesses.
  • General counsel to ecommerce aggregators, roll up funds, and holdcos.
  • General counsel to large and highly popular blogs, message boards, and online communities
  • General counsel to a large print-on-demand business that was one of the top 100 most trafficked websites in the world.
  • Formed multiple corporate structures to comply with SEC regulations regarding raising investment money in the online business space.
  • Handled ecommerce financing, including venture capital, debt, equity financing, and credit facilities.
  • Litigated several unique online business disputes ranging from domain name ownership, trade secrets, distribution issues, and everything in between.
Revision Legal lives online. We are a remote team and we understand the unique challenges online businesses face. Our ecommerce attorneys help these companies form, take on investment, hire employees, fire employees, work with independent contracts, protect their IP, and guide them through an exit. We love working with entrepreneurs that found a niche and dominate it.
But as the saying goes, all commerce is ecommerce. We also help business in the early phases of their online business presence. And we counsel them on the steps they should take not only to protect their assets, but to maximize their potential. This often leads to referrals within our network of online entrepreneurs that can help businesses grow.

What is it?

Ecommerce means you make money online.

What do we do?

We help ecommerce businesses in a general counsel capacity, where we assist in everything from internal governance to IP issues. Or we provide one-time services such as contract drafting, dealing with infringers, or the sale of your business.

How much?

It depends on what you need. But our bill will never be a surprise. We will have an open and honest conversation about your needs and our prices. And often we work on a flat fee basis.

Have an Ecommerce issue?