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Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investment: The Power Players

We help companies buy and sell mid-six figure and seven figure online business.

We can help in everything from due diligence to escrow. We also help entities raise investment, create management companies, and grow into power players.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investment Experience

  • General counsel to one of the largest brokers of digital assets and advised closing the sale for 100’s of online businesses, often times handling seven-figure deals;
  • Outside and litigation counsel to one of the fastest growing Amazon FBA businesses in the world;
  • Assisted in all aspects of several Regulation D investment offerings from forming the corporation, to drafting private placement memos, to closing rounds of investment.
  • Assisted in debt financing for ecommerce companies of all sizes.
  • Advising several crowd-funded entities and crowdfunding marketplaces through the regulatory process.
Ecommerce is growing up fast. Raising investment, purchasing several online businesses, and enjoying the economies of scale are too good to pass up.
We are well positioned to help these types of businesses because we can handle everything from formation, to trademark protection, closing investment rounds.

Forming holding companies is no longer reserved for Delaware corporations investing in real estate. More and more ecommerce-centered businesses are using sophisticated business and legal procedures to create companies where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. These businesses typically require counsel to be deeply involved in their process, internal governance, and execution of investment rounds and closing on new acquisitions. Revision Legal’s attorney thrive in this role and love being part of the team.

What is it?

Buying, selling, or raising investment focused on ecommerce businesses

What do we do?

We help in all steps, from forming the corporation to exit, and everything in between.

How much?

It varies, we usually bill at our hourly rates, but we are able to provide flat fee quotes for certain merger, acquisition, or investment projects.

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