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How would you respond if the FBI calls?

We work with the FBI, Secret Service, US Attorneys Offices, and law enforcement agencies across the United States in handing requests for information.

We understand the rules, the risks, and guide our clients to complying with the maze of regulations regarding electronic data.

Subpoena Response Experience

  • General counsel to a popular gif, meme, and picture website, and extremely popular app, that receives subpoena requests on a regular basis;
  • Responding to law enforcement agencies of all types regarding high-pressure and sensitive topics, including serious criminal investigations
  • Experience responding to administrative subpoenas regarding cryptocurrency and the Securities and Exchange Commission
Responding to subpoenas from law enforcement can be tricky. We help you understand your obligations, the government’s limitations, and how to strike the right balance of protecting your business while responding.
Data privacy rules can make this even more difficult. Plus, this type of request is typically time-sensitive, requiring experienced counsel to make recommendations in real time.

If your website has become popular enough, bad actors will show up. Those bad actors will act as expected. And sometimes, that gets the authorities’ attention. We take the burden off your shoulders my recommending the proper way to respond understanding the typical time constraints. It’s not everyday the FBI calls, but if they do, you want to be ready.

What is it?

You get a subpoena or request for user information, including IP address and other details. We help you respond.

What goes into it?

Several factors, including the threat at issue, the form of request, the type of information requested, and too many federal statutes governing that information to name here.

How much?

We provide subpoena response services at our standard hourly rates.

Have an Subpoena issue?