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Trademark Licensing: Putting Your Marks to Work

Finalize Your Licensing Project

Revision Legal negotiates, drafts, and enforces trademark license agreements.

Trademark Licensing Experience

  • Drafted and negotiated trademark license agreements to permit the use of marks throughout various industries on both the licensor and licensee sides.
  • Enforced the breach of several license agreements and related trademark infringement matters through demand letters and federal litigation.

Allowing others to use your trademark is a serious matter. In order to properly license your marks, caution must be used in the written license agreement. Namely, attention needs to be put into how your mark will be used, where it will be used, the associated license fees, and the right to terminate the agreement.

But most importantly, the agreement must contain provisions that allow the policing of quality. Your must have the ability to force the licensee to meet your quality control standards.

Revision Legal helps trademark rights holder to make the most out of their marks through a comprehensive licensing program.

What is it?

Trademark licensing allows others to use your marks on your terms.

Do I need it?

Yes, if you want to let others use your marks.

How much?

Trademark licensing services typically start at around $1,200 and goes up from there.

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