Oil States Energy and SAS Institute: SCOTUS to Review Inter Partes Reviews

As we recently discussed with respect to the proposed STRONGER Patents Act of 2017, legal debate continues to swirl around inter partes reviews. The US Supreme Court has entered the ring recently by accepting certiorari on two cases: SAS Institute Inc. v. Matal and Oil States Energy Services LLC v. Greene’s Energy Group, LLC. What… READ MORE

Stronger Patents Act: 5 Significant Proposed Changes to Inter Partes Reviews

Recently, Senator Christopher Coons (D-Del) introduced the STRONGER Patents Act of 2017. So far, this is the only legislation introduced in this Congress addressing any sort of patent reform. The proposal would significantly change inter partes review proceedings before the Patent and Trademark Appeal Board (“PTAB”). What is an Inter Partes Review? An inter partes… READ MORE

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