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Michigan Noncompete Agreements – Employment Law

By Eric Misterovich

Employers often require their employees to sign noncompete agreements. Many times employees sign these agreements believing they have no other choice, then regret signing when attempting to obtain new employment. If you are attempting to leave your current employer and have signed a noncompete agreement, you must be aware of whether that agreement is enforceable.


In general, Michigan noncompete agreements are enforceable as employers may protect their legitimate business interests through a noncompete agreement. That means, if the agreement is limited in terms of scope, duration, and location, it will be upheld as enforceable. But this is not always the case.


However, employers often draft noncompete agreements that are overly broad. These types of contracts have no effect and would be thrown out by the courts. Determining whether an employer is protecting its interests in a reasonable fashion, or requiring overly broad agreements, is a highly fact intensive process that requires consultation with an attorney.


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