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Internet Business Lawyer

By Eric Misterovich

Expert Internet Business Lawyers

If you own an Internet business, dealing with a lawyer can be a frustrating experience. Many lawyers do not understand the Internet or the business models and legal risks that are prevalent on the Internet. Fortunately, we can help.

Revision Legal’s Internet business lawyers have handled a wide range of Internet businesses, from some of the web’s largest properties to startups in new and emerging areas such as crowdfunding. Our lawyers regularly handle the following matters:

  1. Affiliate marketing agreements;
  2. Website agreements;
  3. Internet minimum advertising policies;
  4. Website purchase agreements;
  5. Domain name sales;
  6. Keyword advertising issues;
  7. Copyrighted content theft;
  8. Online trademark infringement; and
  9. Crowdfunding platform setup and analysis.
Not only do our attorneys understand the Internet, but they also understand your unique business model and its needs. If you seek an expert Internet business lawyer, contact the attorneys at Revision Legal today for a consultation.

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