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Internet Law Attorney

By Eric Misterovich

Revision Legal’s Internet law attorneys are experts in Internet law. Our Internet law attorneys have handled Internet law matters in state and federal courts around the country, including:

  1. Cybersquatting litigation;
  2. Domain name theft;
  3. Online defamation;
  4. Copyright infringement litigation;
  5. Trademark infringement litigation;
  6. Invasion of privacy matters;
  7. Revenge porn matters; and
  8. Computer hacking under state law and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Our Internet law attorneys not only understand state and federal law as applied to the Internet, but they also understand the underlying technology of the Internet and its unique business models. Our Internet law attorneys have helped businesses in the following areas:

  1. Affiliate marketing;
  2. Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing;
  3. SEO and PPC management;
  4. Web development;
  5. App development;
  6. Video games and MMO games;
  7. Internet minimum advertising policies;
  8. E-commerce stores; and
  9. Other complex Internet business models.

If you seek and Internet law attorney, contact the attorneys at Revision Legal at 855-473-8474. 

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