Domain Name Arbitration

Domain name theft is real and it happens every day.

From an employee or partner, a web developer or host, to any IT professional or third party, anyone can gain access into your domain registrant account. Gain control of your domain name through domain name arbitration, with help from revision legal.

Domain Arbitration

Anyone can steal your domain name, from a disgruntled employee to your web developer, or any IT professional or third party. After seizing your domain name, they may leave you without control of your domain name or even move to shut down your website.

A UDRP attorney from Revision Legal can help you protect yourself and gain full control of your domain name.

The Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) is developed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This policy aims to address issues that pertain to disputes that stem from proprietary or trademarked domain names. It also covers accusations of domain name abuse including cybersquatting, which is the stealing or misspelling of a domain name with the intention of gaining profit from an increase in website visits.

The domain arbitration process is a quick and usually cost-efficient process that allows you, the trademark holder, to regain control of a domain name that contains your trademark.

Revision Legal’s internet attorneys have experience handling a wide range of domain name and cybersquatting law issues for legitimate domainers and trademark holders.

Get a Reliable Internet Attorney by Your Side

Whether your brand is facing cybersquatting allegations or you’re looking to seize a “trademark bully,” you can count on our UDRP law firm to fight for your rights in a domain dispute arbitrations. Tap into Revision Legal’s experience in domain arbitration. We represent both trademark holders and alleged cybersquatters.

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