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St. Joseph River

St. Joseph Intellectual Property Lawyer

By Eric Misterovich

St. Joseph Intellectual Property Lawyers Revision Legal provide copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property services throughout St. Joseph, Benton Harbor, and the entire Southwest Michigan region.

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

It is incumbent upon the owner of intellectual property to protect it. Failure to do so could lead to a loss of your creative capital. But, how should individuals or businesses protect their IP?


If you own a registered trademark, you should actively monitor trademark applications submitted to the USPTO. This will allow you to check whether any proposed marks are similar enough to your mark to cause concern. If so, proper monitoring affords the trademark holder the opportunity to oppose the trademark application of the similar mark. This can lead to a quicker, less expensive resolution as opposed to litigation.


Copyright holders should actively seek out infringement of their works. For example, musicians should review video websites to determine if unauthorized copies of their songs are available for public display. Creators of motion pictures or short films should also review these sites. If infringing conduct is found, many sites have takedown measures to follow. If not, a DMCA takedown notice is proper.

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