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What We Do / We litigate nationwide to secure intellectual property rights, protect businesses that thrive online, and understand the connections between law, technology, and business.

What We Believe / We support an unfiltered internet and free speech. We believe that dogs belong on the couch, Michigan is the most beautiful state, and attorneys should treat their clients with more respect.

How We Work / We explain legal complexities in plain language. We offer creative and flexible payment terms. And we work tirelessly to fulfill your goals.


Revision Legal Litigation


Protecting Your Rights in State and Federal Courts

Revision Legal Trademark


Protecting Your Brand

Revision Legal Copyright


Protecting Your Original Works

Revision Legal Internet


Guiding online based businesses and resolving niche Internet legal issues
Revision Legal Corporate


Building solid corporate foundations


We litigate to protect IP rights, digital assets, privacy, and the First Amendment.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Revision Legal

“Revision Legal has been a constant, consistent, excellent source of good counsel to protect Marcato’s brand and worldwide reputation. They provide a great balance of tough enforcement and being a pleasant business partner.”

Paul McCauleyMarcato S.p.A.
“Revision Legal is one of the finest law firms I have had the privilege to partner with. As a general counsel for a busy and risk-prone .com, I have come to rely heavily on the skills and expertise Revision Legal provides–both from a legal counsel standpoint and from helping me manage and reduce my department’s own expenses. I trust them with our IP litigation, but I also appreciate them for their strategic vision, prompt action and attention to detail. I highly recommend Revision Legal to any general or in-house counsel looking for an excellent, dedicated legal firm that is extremely well-versed and knowledgeable in the law, but also very mindful about the practical business and cost implications us general counsel face.”
Chris CarolGeneral CounselSunFrog

“Revision Legal has been instrumental in the success of our restaurant group since day one. The breadth of expertise of the Revision Legal attorneys has allowed us to use the firm as a resource in several facets of our business. They are always prompt and thorough in their responses and interactions, which gives us the ability to navigate seamlessly through the day to day operations. They have become instrumental to our business and we are grateful to have them on the team.”

David VermiglioGrey Ghost Detroit, Second Best Detroit
“Revision Legal seems to take the approach of being a very pro-active law firm. They helped MacUpdate know what we don’t know that we don’t know. We hired them to compose our EULA (End User License Agreement) for our MacUpdate Desktop 6 app. It was a extremely efficient and well thought out process, customized based on the privacy issues that could come with this type of app. Since we’re a Mac computer business, it was also refreshing to see them complete work their his Macs, moving around the OS as fast, if not faster than we navigate our own Macs. They are a “get things done” type of firm.”
Joel MuellerMacUpdate

“We depend on Revision Legal as our outside counsel for all intellectual property issues. They have helped us with everything from federal court litigation to copyright registrations to software license agreements. We are happy to have Revision Legal on our side.”

Maxim Masiutin Ritlabs, S. R. L.

“I am glad to have Revision Legal’s attorneys by my side in this competitive craft beer industry. They have already made a significant impact for us by helping to protect the brands that we have put so much effort and investment into creating. The people at Revision Legal are great partners to have to navigate the world of intellectual property. Their advice is invaluable as we continue to grow.”

Jason SpauldingBrewery Vivant

“Revision Legal has been vigorous and effective in defending my intellectual property. Their articulate and well-crafted arguments have helped us to shut down numerous copycats of my work. I highly recommend Revision Legal to any artist that values the originality of their work and understands the need to protect it from impostors.”

John T. Unger John T. Unger Studios

We work with companies in over 15 countries and 20 states.

Brewery Vivant
High Five Threads
Great Northern Roasting Company
Zaragoza Marketing


Northern Michigan Office

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Traverse City, MI 49684

phone 231.714.0100
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