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Youtube Copyright Claim

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Youtube Copyright Claim?

The answer depends on a few factors. First, if you are filing a YouTube claim or a copyright lawsuit against another party for violation of YOUR copyrights, then the wisest course of action is to hire experienced copyright attorneys to prosecute your claim. Studies show that when prosecuting claims related to the infringement of intellectual… READ MORE

Copyright for My Website

Copyright Legal Issues: Should I Register the Copyright for My Website?

Yes, website owners should register the copyright for their websites, although, strictly speaking, CONTENT is registered because the U.S. Copyright Office has stated that the website itself is not something that can be copyrighted. This is common sense because the website is just the “structure” or “frame” into which you place your content. The content… READ MORE

ai copyright infringement

AI Copyright Infringement: Can Artificial Intelligence Commit Copyright Infringement?

Yes. Lawsuits are being filed and the plaintiffs have every reason to expect success. Artificial intelligence (“AI”) is not really “intelligent” and it is not autonomous. Someone has created the software and programming — wrote the code — that instructs the AI to do what it does. That means that a person or business is… READ MORE

video gaming lawyer

Where Can I Find a Video Gaming Lawyer?

You can find a video gaming lawyer here at Revision Legal. We have the experience and legal skills to provide the various types of services that video gaming developers and video gaming companies need. We invite you to call us at 231-714-0100 or 855-473-8474 or use our “Contact Us” page. We have decades of experience… READ MORE

derivative works

What Does “Derivative Works” Mean Under Copyright Law?

In copyright law, derivative works are original works of authorship that are based on earlier original works of authorship. For example, a sequel to a book or movie is a “derivative” work if characters or storylines and elements carry over from the original to the sequel. Many derivative works “cross artistic fields,” such as motion… READ MORE

copyrighting songs

Do I Need a Lawyer for Copyrighting Songs?

The answer is “no” and “yes.” The “no” is first because of how copyrights work. A copyright for a song comes into existence when the song is created. Thus, you do not need a lawyer to copyright a song since the song is copyrighted when it is written and reduced to paper, computer file, or… READ MORE

things you cannot copyright

A Few Things You Cannot Copyright

There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to protecting intellectual property like copyrights. Part of the confusion lies in the fact that there are three main types of intellectual property that are given legal protection under three different statutory protection regimes — copyrights, trademarks, and patents. In this article, the top-rated Copyright… READ MORE

copyright lawyer for artist

Do You Need a Copyright Lawyer to Be a Successful Artist?

It depends on what you mean by “successful.” If by “success” you mean your ability to create genius-level art that mesmerizes and brings forth powerful emotions, then, honestly, no, you do not need a copyright lawyer to be successful as an artist. On the other hand, there is the “business side” of being a successful… READ MORE

copyright litigation fees

How Much Does a Copyright Attorney Charge for Copyright Infringement Cases?

Generally, copyright law firms bill their legal services by the hour. However, in some cases, fees can be charged on a contingency fee basis or some hybrid thereof. For copyright infringement litigation, copyright clients will be involved as either the plaintiff or the defendant. Contingency fee arrangements are generally available only if you are the… READ MORE

understanding publication in copyright law

Understanding Publication in Copyright Law

The rise of digital media and online streaming has blurred the lines between what constitutes publication and public performance of copyrighted works. In particular, the question arises whether performing or distributing a video to a select group of paid subscribers constitutes publication under the Copyright Act. Copyright law provides a framework for protecting the rights… READ MORE

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