Email Exchange Ending With “Great. Thanks” is Copyright License, Says Federal Court

Copyrights apply to what are called “original works” and come into existence when the original work is created. Copyrights are protected at common law, by state law, and by the federal Copyright Act of 1976. See 17 U.S.C. §101 et seq. Copyrights are potentially quite valuable to an author or business. Examples include the royalty… READ MORE

street art

Mercedes-Benz, Street Artists, and the Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act

  Recently, Mercedes-Benz created a controversy by photographing its new luxury G-Class SUV vehicle in front of famous street murals created by artists in Detroit. Mercedes-Benz posted several of the photos on Instagram as part of a marketing campaign without the consent of the artists and without compensating them. The photos depicted buildings and murals… READ MORE

Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Internet Service Providers

Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Internet Service Providers The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was enacted in 1998 to bring the United States up to date with technology and with international intellectual property treaties. While there are many aspects of the DMCA, one of the most important to web hosts and internet service providers (ISPs)… READ MORE

Streaming Music in your Business

If you walk in to a local book shop, the corner bar, the Apple Store, or Target you will likely hear some sort of music playing. Music can help set the tone for your location and enhance your brand while your customers are in your establishment. If you have a brick and mortar business, there… READ MORE

How Grumpy is Your Cat?

Stone sculptures of jewelry-adorned cats dating back to at least 500 BC have been discovered in Egypt. Feline goddesses were recorded in texts dated thousands of years earlier. In 1888, a farmer in Egypt stumbled upon a tomb containing eighty-thousand mummified cats. While it is estimated that the first domesticated cats appeared ten thousand years… READ MORE

Revising Your Official Social Media Policy Guidelines: Lessons From Google

In today’s market, every business has or should have an official company social media policy guideline or policy statement. Even if your business is small, a policy statement is essential. Indeed, TWO social media policy statements might be necessary if your business uses employees to promote “the brand,” to promote sales and/or to promote interest… READ MORE

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