alcohol label lawsuits

Misleading Alcohol Labels Lead to Lawsuits

Reading labels on various alcohol bottles can be a challenging process, and it looks as though it’s only going to get more difficult in coming years. Last year a federal judge dismissed several claims against Tito’s “Handmade” vodka. Now, craft distillers are taking a stand and voicing their opinion on the authenticity of the market and how “craft” may become a loosely defined term.

Michigan Liquor Law Update: Growlers At Bars, Wine At Farmers Markets

Governor Snyder has signed Senate Bill 27, which allows bars and restaurants to sell refillable growlers for off-premises consumption. Michigan law previously allowed breweries to sell growlers, and this recent change extends the law to cover bars and restaurants. Bars and restaurants are required to pay a $100 fee to obtain a special merchants’ license to… READ MORE

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