Data Security Now a Key Emphasis of Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence

With the looming costs of any sort of data breach, data loss, or exfiltration, cybersecurity has become a key focus of due diligence in recent mergers and acquisitions. Specific representations and warranties about data security are now routine in M&A Purchase Agreements. Only a few years ago, there were almost no provisions in a Purchase… READ MORE

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Mobile Device Cybersecurity: SEC Offers New Guidance

  The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has just issued a new comprehensive guidance on the methods that businesses and not-for-profit organizations should be using to guard against hacking, ransomware and other malicious and criminal attempts to exfiltrate company data and consumer information. See here. If your data and your computer systems are vulnerable, your… READ MORE

Can Your Business be Liable for an Employee’s Intentional Data Leak?

Many businesses are acutely aware of the dangers of a data leak that can result from the breaching of networks, computer hacks, malware, and computer espionage. These cyber threats are external threats, but businesses must also be increasingly wary of INTERNAL threats coming from vengeful and vindictive employees and ex-employees. A well-publicized lesson can be… READ MORE

7 Reasons to Read FTC’s 2017 Privacy & Data Security Update

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) recently released its 2017 Annual Privacy and Data Security Update (click here; for the direct link to the Update, click here and then click on the PDF link provided). We see seven compelling reasons to read the 2017 FTC Update and to take data breaches seriously: 1. The Number of… READ MORE

10 Common Data Breach Attack Techniques

Among the more frustrating aspects of cyber security is the constantly evolving nature of the threat and the multitude of data breach attack techniques. One vulnerability is patched only for another to be found/created; one technique is foiled only for a different tactic to arise. Here we give a brief discussion of motivations and offer… READ MORE

10 Data Security Management Tips to Prevent a Data Breach

You may never suffer a data breach, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to prevent one. With the number and severity of data breaches rising every year, it is clear that all of us, from the biggest to the smallest company, could brush up on our data security management. You may never suffer… READ MORE

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