Cybersecurity and Privacy Risks of Telemedicine

Recent events will significantly spur the use of telemedicine. The last two decades have already seen a surge in the use of telemedicine prompted by the advent of economical person-to-person video transmissions. Telemedicine has been a revolution in medical examinations, consultations, and treatment. For example, the Veteran’s Administration recently expanded the use of telemedicine for… READ MORE

mlat subpoena response: what EU service providers need to know

MLAT Subpoenas: What EU Service Providers Need to Know

Imagine a U.S. prosecutor is investigating a criminal matter and needs to obtain data or information stored in a suspect’s smartphone application. The problem is, the app was developed by a small tech startup in Denmark. In order to obtain access to the relevant information, the prosecutor would need to issue a MLAT subpoena to… READ MORE

The Carpenter Case and Other Privacy-Related News

As we discussed in the last few weeks, privacy is repeatedly in the news. Washington lawmakers are trying again to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Stored Communications Act (the “SCA”), and the Pen Registry Act. In addition, last month the US Supreme Court granted certiorari in the case of Carpenter v. United States…. READ MORE

Five Steps to Respond to Revenge Porn

A friend calls and tells you that there are nude photos of you online and they’re pretty sure you didn’t post them. You go to the website they tell you and sure enough, there they are – pictures you once shared with someone you had cared for and trusted, splashed across a porn website… Now what?

Why Updating The Electronic Communications Privacy Act Poses Difficulties

The privacy of electronic communications is provided for under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. There are limited circumstances in which ISPs may disclose the contents of electronic and stored digital communications. But the law is unclear as to what happens when data is transmitted into and stored in other countries with data security laws that… READ MORE

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