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What is an ITC Proceeding?

“ITC” stands for the federal “International Trade Commission.” Generally speaking, the ITC is a U.S. government agency that deals mostly with imported goods — the “international” part of the ITC name. The broad task of the ITC is to punish “unfair trade practices” by foreign importers. In practice, most of the work done by the… READ MORE

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An ITC Lawyer Explains the Advantages of Starting ITC Proceedings

Many businesses falsely perceive litigation only through the lens of whether they can “win or lose” and what is the cost/benefit. That is, how much will the litigation cost, and what is our potential “upside” in terms of monetary damages and whether we can collect? Under this narrow view, such businesses will avoid “close call”… READ MORE

Subpoena Defense BitTorrent Litigation

Revision Legal’s attorneys are experienced in defending named John Does subpoena defense bitTorrent litigation. As a relatively new form of action, copyright holders, and often copyright trolls, are taking advantage of laws and pursuing substantial damages against individuals. Often times, these plaintiffs have little or no proof actually linking the defendant to the alleged infringement…. READ MORE

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