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Avoiding ADA-Related Customer Lawsuits When Reopening

Giant Eagle is facing at least 32 class action lawsuits from customers related to its wear-a-mask policy. Giant Eagle is a grocery store and pharmacy chain with stores in midwest states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. See news reports here. Like many retailers, Giant Eagle is walking a fine line between trying to prevent transmission… READ MORE

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What Can You Trademark? The Scope and Limits of Trademark Law

You’ve got the next big idea for an online business. The idea that’s going to spark a revolution and change lives. The only problem? Protecting your idea. That’s where a trademark can help. But if you’re still wondering, “What can you trademark, anyway?” you may not have the first clue where to begin. Here, we’re… READ MORE

What is Revenge Porn?

Revenge porn is the posting of explicit photos or videos of another person without his or her permission, commonly by exes or a significant other. These videos or photos may have been consensual at the time they were taken, but once they are posted without one party’s permission, liability can ensue.

Chicago Trademark Attorney

Revision Legal’s intellectual property lawyers are located in Southwestern Michigan and are Chicago trademark attorneys that give businesses the advice they need at the price they want. Our experienced intellectual property lawyers have registered hundreds of trademarks and protected the intellectual property rights of businesses across the United States, including Chicago-based businesses. While a majority… READ MORE

Keeping Trade Secrets in a Digital World

Trades secrets are important to a company’s bottom line and they are at the core of any company’s long-term success. Consider, for example, the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe, which allegedly includes 11 herbs and spices. Kentucky Fried Chicken has kept its renowned recipe a secret for decades, which many consider to be the key… READ MORE

Montana Data Breach Notification Law

Montana Data Breach Notification Law has been updated to expand the definition of “personal information” and also require notice to the state attorney general’s consumer protection office. A data breach is generally a security incident in which sensitive, protected, or confidential data is copied, transmitted, stolen, viewed, or used by an individual unauthorized to do… READ MORE

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