has your paypal account been frozen? we defend online retailers being sued for trademark infringement

PayPal Account Frozen? Defending Retailers Sued for Trademark Infringement

If you are an online retailer, here is what you need to know about trademark infringement on ecommerce platforms, and things you should be aware of if you are required to defend yourself from trademark infringement allegations. A Mixing Pot of Commerce and Cultures Domestic e-commerce sites such as Amazon Marketplace and eBay are big… READ MORE

international trademark application

Across the Pond: How to File an International Trademark Application

Getting trademark protection in the United States is one thing. But if you want to take your brand international, you’re going to need more than just a US trademark. And if you don’t? You’re vulnerable to appropriation in other countries. Worse, you’ll have insufficient legal grounds to fight back. You’re proud of your idea–take the… READ MORE

Cease And Desist Letters: How To Protect Your Trademarks

Protecting Your Trademarks From Infringers Trademarks are an important way to protect your brand’s reputation. They also protect consumers because trademarks allow consumers to determine the source or origin of goods or services. Filing for trademark protection is the first step in enforcing your brand rights. However, in order to maintain protection your brands, you… READ MORE

Trademark Registration of Marijuana Products

Trademark Registration of Marijuana, Cannabidoil, and Hemp Products A trademark is any word, slogan, logo, symbol, or design that identifies an organization’s goods or services as unique from another set of goods or services. Trademarks serve two important functions. First, they are a source identifier, allowing one company to distinguish its goods or services from… READ MORE

What You Should Do if Someone is Infringing Upon Your Trademark

Do you have a registered trademark that is being infringed upon? Check out this helpful guide to put a stop to it immediately. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office receives half a million applications every year. About three-quarters of them get registered. That leaves a lot of people and companies without trademark protection. It also… READ MORE

How to Trademark a Product: The Ultimate Guide

Do you need to know how to trademark a product? Check out our ultimate guide to get started and protect your work today. A trademark legal battle has waged over the word “Apple” for three decades. You see, the Beatles named their music company Apple Corps. Eight years later Steve Jobs came along with Apple… READ MORE

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