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CEG TEK Copyright Infringement Notifications

By Eric Misterovich

CEG TEK International, also known as Copyright Enforcement Group and, has undertaken a new copyright infringement notice campaign whereby it has sent hundereds, if not thousands, of notices of infringement under the subject line “Notice of Unauthorized Use of Copyrights Owned by AKM Images / GSI Media.” The only problem: many of these notices have been wrongfully sent to owners of licensed content. These notices demand that the recipient “remit settlement in the amount of $500.00” or otherwise face higher penalties once the matter is “referred to attorneys representing the Work’s owner for legal action.” Presumably this is a reference to Ira M. Siegel, the owner of the Law Offices of Ira M. Siegel located in Beverly Hills, California.


If you have been wrongfully targeted by CEG TEK International, contact Revision Legal today for legal representation at 855-473-8474. We are well aware of CEG TEK’s business model and we have been actively watching this issue develop.


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