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Countryman Nevada, LLC Copyright Infringement Cases

By Eric Misterovich

If you have received notice from your Internet service provider concerning a copyright infringement case filed against you by Countryman Nevada, LLC, you are not alone. Countryman Nevada, LLC has filed numerous John Doe copyright infringement lawsuits in the Western District of Michigan and the Northern District of Illinois over purported infringement of the movie “The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman.

These cases take the standard form of Bittorrent copyright troll cases, namely, file a lawsuit, ask for expedited discovery, identify the individual downloader, and send a settlement demand. Revision Legal’s copyright infringement lawyers have extensive experience in defending against claims of copyright infringement, including in John Doe downloading cases. If you have been targeted by Countryman Nevada, LLC in a copyright infringement lawsuit filed in the Western District of Michigan or the Northern District of Illinois, contact Revision Legal today for a free consultation at 855-473-8474.

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