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Malibu Media Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

By Eric Misterovich

Malibu Media has again, on September 16 and 17, filed 8 new copyright infringement lawsuits within the Eastern District of Michigan through local counsel Paul J. Nicoletti. The case numbers are:

  1. 2:13-cv-13958 – IP address
  2. 2:13-cv-13955 – IP address
  3. 5:13-cv-13974 – IP address
  4. 2:13-cv-13979 – IP address
  5. 4:13-cv-13983 – IP address
  6. 2:13-cv-13987 – IP address
  7. 2:13-cv-13984 – IP address
  8. 2:13-cv-13982 – IP address

If you have been targeted by one of these Malibu Media copyright infringement lawsuits, contact one of our copyright infringement lawyers today. Our lawyers have represented clients against Malibu Media on numerous occasions, and we can help you navigate the legal issues associated with these cases. Contact us directly at 855-473-8474 or complete the contact form on the right.

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